Initial construction dated from XIX century, expanded in the beginning of the XX century and refurbished in 2015.


Rural Property from XIX century

In the fiels of Mondego

Quinta de Santo António do Cardal is a rural property of the XIX century (remodeled in 2015) located on the left bank of the Mondego River, upstream from its mouth, with the city of Figueira da Foz on the horizon. In addition to their main business, agriculture (production of wine, olive oil, cereals, fruit and cork), served as a retreat for leisure owners and friends, using much of the local population. As a reference in the region, contains secrets kept by time. Recently restored, it meets the tourist function, allowing guests to enjoy a unique landscape that breathes peace.

The house is located on a property of about 10 hectares, lined by oaks, cedars, pines, olive trees and trees fruit, where water furrows the land between vegetation and stones. Freedom of paths that run allows you to enjoy beautiful walks or outdoor sports.

It offers spaces where you can organize business or leisure events, receive your friends or gather your family.

XIX Century

Initial Construction

XX Century


XXI Century